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At Pink we use the most traditional method, the products come via courier and you pay the price at the time of collection.


One of the main issues that concern consumers who want to buy via the internet, is that of security. Although credit cards provide adequate security, people are afraid to use them on the internet. This problem comes to solve - in addition to the other conveniences it provides, the service called Paypal. For those who don't use it, here's your chance to get a better look at it:

Paypal is an electronic payment service. In simple words, you manage the payments you make on the internet, paying the online stores on your behalf, that is, you don't pay each merchant directly, but Paypal pays them. This has clear advantages:

The various online stores never learn your credit card details, so you don't have to worry so much about whether each online store is trustworthy or not.
The fact that Paypal has agreed to cooperate with the e-shop is another sign of reliability. It has a specialized anti-fraud department and protects consumers from scams.
No need to enter your card details again and again. Just login to paypal right after checkout and you're done.
Paypal can intervene in cases where the online store does something it shouldn't (eg charge you for a service you didn't request). In these cases (if you're right, of course) Paypal will refund you and work out a solution with the merchant.
To be able to make payments through paypal you either need to make a bank deposit to your paypal account or the easiest, give paypal your credit (or debit_) card details so that they charge it on every purchase you make ( as we said without giving the details anywhere).You should pay attention here, that the first time you enter your credit card in paypal, you will be charged an amount up to 1.5€. This amount will appear on the credit card account your card number along with a code number that you will need to enter in paypal to prove that you are the owner of the credit card (so if you do not have e-banking, you will have to wait for the credit card bill at the end of the month). , along with the confirmation will be refunded in full and available for your first purchase. The paypal website is unfortunately in English. If you do not know English well, please register with the help of someone who knows the language better . Beyond that, the usual use of it for shopping is extremely simple and you don't need special knowledge of English, we believe that only with the basics you won't have a particular problem.

PayPal is used by 87 million customers in 190 countries, with support for 24 different currencies. In 2009 alone, more than $79 billion was traded through the service.

Why are we so sure? Our team has been using paypal since 2003, having made many hundreds of purchases of products and services from around the world. In 2 cases where we were caught off guard, paypal resolved the issue on the same day and we got our money back in full.

Where do I open an account? If you are a private individual and want to use paypal click here

Viva Payments

The online store supports secure credit card payments through an interface with the Viva Payments service. Through Viva Payments you can use any type of debit and credit card, without the need to create additional accounts and with direct payments, through a simple redirect, in the 100% secure environment of Viva Payments.

Please be aware of possible fees on the various payment methods through the Viva Payments service.